Name: U-47
No. 343
Class: VIIB
Type: Submarine SS icon
Nation: Ironblood IB Icon
Rarity: Super Rare ★★★✰✰✰
Build Time: 00:11:00
Drop Location: Construction: Event during Divergent Chessboard Rerun
Icon HP
HP 209 1081
Icon Armor
Armor Light
Icon Reload
Reload 41 96
Icon Shelling
Firepower 9 42
Icon Torp
Torpedo 102 482
Icon Mobility
Evasion 7 18
Icon AA
Anti-Air 0 0
Icon Plane
Aviation 0 0
Icon Consumption
Oil 2 7
ASW 0 0
Icon luck
Luck 32 Speed 14
Slot Proficiency Stock Equipment Equipment Type
110%/125% Unequipped Submarine Torpedoes
110%/125% Unequipped Submarine Torpedoes
85%/85% Unequipped DD Main Guns
Skill 11440 The Bull of Scapa Flow
When this boat hits an enemy with its Torpedoes: for 5 seconds, the enemy hit will take 20.0% (40%) more DMG from this boat's Torpedoes.
Skill 11460 Lone Wolf
When the Submarine Fleet consists of this boat only: increase this boat's DMG to Battleships (does not affect Battlecruisers, or Aviation Battleships) by 5.0% (20%), increase ASR by 1, and increase Ammo by 2.
All Out Assaultss All Out Assault I (II)
Activate All Out Assault I (II) : U-47 immediately after entering the battle.
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