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Shimakaze (島風) is a Character of the Video Game Azure Lane Crosswave.

About[edit | edit source]

Rookie of expectation that has joined the main fleet of [Shigesakura] more recently than Ayanami. It has excellent hearing and speed, and is used for the mission. However, the ability to detect danger is quite low, and it can cause trouble on its own. While being angry from the surroundings, I will reflect on each and every time I will improve my ability during the joint exercise. While often defeated by a large number of seniors who are full of talent, she skillfully controls the rules of the joint large exercises and aims to become an MVP with her partner Suruga.

Sub Story[edit | edit source]

Shimakaze, who is also a student from a standpoint. As a practical exercise, I decided to compile a report on “the splendor of [Royal]”. What are the actions taken by Shimakaze?

Videos[edit | edit source]

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