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The Royal Navy is a Nation of ships based on the (British) Royal Navy.

They emphasize the use of powerful Battleships, as well as Battlecruisers, which are lighter and faster at the cost of firepower, and Monitors, which are fragile and more oil efficient while retaining the big guns and unique special attacks typical of the class.

They also possess Destroyers with evasion-oriented skills making them extremely difficult to hit, durable Light Cruisers, torpedo-wielding Heavy Cruisers, and support-oriented Carriers.

Fleets can be built exclusively around the Royal Navy using: Queen Elizabeth, who buffs almost every stat of Royal Navy ships and Hood, who has a chance upon attacking to greatly increase the reload speed of the Main Fleet.

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Royal Navy Ships
Destroyer Common Beagle - Bulldog - Comet - Crescent - Cygnet - Foxhound
Rare Acasta - Amazon - Ardent - Echo - Fortune - Hunter - Jersey - Juno - Jupiter
Elite Eskimo - Glowworm - Grenville - Hardy - Icarus - Javelin - Matchless - Musketeer - Vampire
Super Rare
Light Cruiser Common Leander
Rare Achilles - Ajax - Arethusa - Curacoa - Curlew - Fiji - Galatea - Glasgow - Jamaica - Newcastle - Southampton
Elite Aurora - Black Prince - Edinburgh - Gloucester - Little Bel - Penelope - Sheffield - Sheffield µ
Super Rare Belfast - Dido - Dido µ - Hermione - Sirius - Swiftsure
Priority Neptune
Heavy Cruiser Common
Rare Kent - Norfolk - Shropshire - Suffolk - Sussex
Elite Dorsetshire - Exeter - London - York
Super Rare
Priority Cheshire
Decisive Drake
Battlecruiser Common
Rare Repulse
Elite Little Renown - Renown
Super Rare Hood
Battleship Common
Elite Nelson - Queen Elizabeth - Rodney - Valiant
Super Rare Duke of York - Howe - King George V - Prince of Wales - Warspite
Priority Monarch
Monitor Elite Abercrombie - Erebus - Terror
Light Aircraft Carrier Common Hermes
Elite Unicorn
Super Rare Centaur - Perseus
Aircraft Carrier Common
Elite Ark Royal - Eagle - Glorious - Little Illustrious
Super Rare Formidable - Illustrious - Illustrious µ - Victorious