Akashi's Secret Quest Steps Edit

Step # Description Rewards
0 Go to the shop and touch Akashi 30 times Starts Akashi Quest
1 Collect 30x T1 General Part ( GeneralT1Plate ) GeneralT3Plate
3x T3 General Part
2 Build 10 ships WisdomCube
3x Wisdom Cubes
300x Coins
3 Create 5 pieces of equipment designs Coin
500x Coins
4 Dismantle 10 pieces of equipment Coin
500x Coins
5 Complete 10 commissions Oil
100x Oil
6 Complete 14 Dorm resupply daily missions RoyalGourmet
5x Royal Gourmet
7 Complete the Daily Raid: Escort Cargo (Firepower) 3 times GunT3Plate
3x T3 Main Gun Part
3x T3 Torpedo Part
8 Complete the Daily Raid: Escort Cargo (Air) 3 times AAT3Plate
3x T3 Anti-Air Part
3x T3 Aircraft Part
9 Complete the Daily Raid: Maritime Attack 3 times SupportT3Book
1x T3 Random Part
10 Complete Daily Raid: Fierce Assault 3 times EquipmentT4Box
1x T4 Sakura Empire Tech Box
11 Open 10 T3 Sakura Empire Equipment Boxes (purple) EquipmentT3Box
2x T3 Sakura Empire Tech Box
12 Open 5 T4 Sakura Empire Equipment Boxes (gold) EquipmentT4Box
1x T4 Sakura Empire Tech Box
13 Clear 8-4 once Oil
100x Oil
14 Clear hard mode 1-4 six times Oil
300x Oil
15 Clear any Chapter 2 hard mode map six times DestroyerT2Blueprint
2x T2 Destroyer Blueprint
16 Clear any Chapter 3 hard mode map six times CruiserT2Blueprint
2x T2 Cruiser Blueprint
17 Clear any Chapter 4 hard mode map six times BattleshipT2Blueprint
2x T2 Battleship Blueprint
18 Clear any Chapter 5 hard mode map six times CarrierT2Blueprint
2x T2 Carrier Blueprint
19 Collect 11 Pawprints 540
11x Healing Cat's Paw Blueprint
20 Craft "Healing Cat's Paw" AkashiIcon
1x Akashi

Pawprint Locations Edit



Location Letter Hint
Dockyard Screen T "the place to keep materials"
Equipment Screen O "the room for learning tactics"
Tactical Academy Screen U "weapon store"
Shopping District Screen C "place where you receive missions"
Task screen H "place to make formations"
Formation Screen A "place to rest"
Backyard Screen K "place to view collection"
Momento Screen A "starting point of a long journey"
Commissions Screen S "place of victory"
Exercise Screen H "the place of love and sorrow"
Building Screen I30 -Hint Omitted. Leads to Dockyard.
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