The options screen is accessible by clicking the gear on the main screen. When you first hit options you default start on the sound settings tab.

Code entry screen-Removed after an update.[edit | edit source]


An entry screen to put in any codes.

Push/Display settings[edit | edit source]


This screen has the push setting toggles for the game.
Commission complete - Gold to claim
Oil to claim - Backyard food empty
Skill training complete.

Below that, is a display toggle. It currently only has one option which is
Turn marriage names on/off

Combat screen display[edit | edit source]


Allows you to adjust HUD control positions. Click the left (gold) button to start, right (silver) to reset to default.
During editing, left to confirm, right to cancel/reset.

Sound Settings[edit | edit source]


Various sound settings. Fortunately in English for the BGM, SFX and VA adjustments.
The left button tells you which version of the voice patch you have. When an update is available you press this button to download all missing voice files in the game.
Note: the game does not download voice files and it must be done manually

Log Off[edit | edit source]

Brings up a confirm menu to log out of the game. Only useful for those using multiple accounts.

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