The ships in the game are split into four major nations, with a few ships from other nations making an appearance.

Major Factions
Eagle Union-logo.png
Royal Navy-logo.png
Sakura Empire-logo.png
Eagle Union Royal Navy Sakura Empire Iron Blood
Minor Factions
Dragron Empery-logo.png
Sardenga Empire-logo.png
Northern Parliament-logo.png
Iris Libre.png
Vichya Dominion.png
Dragon Empery Sardegna Empire Northern Parliament Iris Libre Vichya Dominion
Unknown Factions
Collab Factions
Neptunia-logo.png KizunaAI-logo.png KizunaAI-logo.png KizunaAI-logo.png
Neptunia KizunaAI Hololive Venus Vacation
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