Duration Edit

Starts: 27 November 2019
Ends: 10 December 2019

Overview Edit

Earn Affection Points by defeating Boss fleets from Event Maps or Chapter 3 and up maps. If Ookami Mio is in the fleet and survives, earn double the Affection Points. Each day a new task unlocks and can be completed.

Players are given Ookami Mio NPC to use for the duration of this event.

Tasks Edit

Day Task Reward
1 Earn a total of 100 Friendship Points. Coin
300x Coins
2 Earn a total of 200 Friendship Points. Coin
300x Coins
3 Earn a total of 350 Friendship Points. Coin
500x Coins
4 Earn a total of 500 Friendship Points. DefenseT1Skillbook
1x T3 Defense Skill Book
5 Earn a total of 650 Friendship Points. SupportT1Skillbook
1x T3 Support Skill Book
6 Earn a total of 800 Friendship Points. OffenseT1Skillbook
1x T3 Offense Skill Book
7 Earn a total of 1000 Friendship Points. Ookami MioIcon
1x Ookami Mio
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