Minato Aqua

Minato AquaMaid

Name: Minato Aqua
No. Collab053
Class: Minato Aqua
Type: Submarine SS icon
Nation: Hololive KizunaAI-logo
Rarity: Super Rare ★★★✰✰✰
Build Time: 00:20:00
Drop Location: Construction: Event during Looking Glass of Fact and Fiction event.
Icon HP
HP 271 Max: 1401
Icon Armor
Armor Light
Icon Reload
Reload 40 Max: 94
Icon Shelling
Firepower 12 Max: 57
Icon Torp
Torpedo 104 Max: 490
Icon Mobility
Evasion 10 Max: 25
Icon AA
Anti-Air 0 Max: 0
Icon Plane
Aviation 0 Max: 0
Icon Consumption
Oil 2 Max: 7
ASW 0 Max: 0
Icon luck
Luck 64 Speed 40
Slot Proficiency Stock Equipment Equipment Type
110%/125% Unequipped Submarine Torpedoes
110%/125% Unequipped Submarine Torpedoes
85%/85% Unequipped DD Main Guns
Skill 105050 Shut-in Maid
Decreases this boat's Oxygen by 150 (60). For 20 seconds after battle: increases this boat's DMG by 15.0% (30%). When this boat retreats from battle: increase its Speed by 100%.
Skill 105060 Failen Angel
When entering battle: applies 1 randomly chosen buff to your fleet. The buff's effect is increases to 150% for Hololive Ship. Buff Effects:
  • Offense: increase damage dealt by 0.5% (1.0%).
  • Defense: decreases damage taken by 0.5% 1.0%).
  • Evasion: increase Evasion by 0.5% (2.0%).
  • Accuracy: increase Accuracy by 0.5% (2.0%).
  • Healing: heal 5 points by second for 2 seconds.
Skill 105070 Promise to the Sunflower
When entering battle: fires a psecial guaranteed Lv.1 (Lv.10) Critical Hit barrage. When there are 3 or more Hololive ships in the same fleet: improves the barrage.
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