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Once a ship reaches 100 affection, it's possible to Oath them by offering a Ring of Promise. Players receive a Ring of Promise as a one-time quest reward for maxing a ship's affection. Additional Rings of Promise can be purchased from Akashi's shop for 600 Rubies.

Oathing a ship has the following effects:

  • Increase their Affection cap to 200, allowing access to further stat bonuses.
  • Allows the player to rename the married ship. After renaming a ship, players must wait 30 days before that ship can be renamed again.
  • Married ship have a unique border and their portrait will shine in the Dock.


Affection is the meter used to measure how a ship feels towards the player. Ship will also gain stat bonuses as their affection increases and determines what lines they speak in the Dock.

Affection can be gained from the following sources:

  • Using ships in battle (except Exercises) will raise their Affection by 0.0625 (0.125 if MVP) per battle.
  • Ships placed in the Dormitory will occasionally display a heart icon. Tapping this icon will increase that ship's Affection by 0.1 to 0.3 points.
  • A ship set as the secretary will gain 1 Affection every 300-320 minutes. Secretary Affection gain stops at 90 Affection.

Affection Stat Bonuses

Affection Level Affection Amount Stat Bonuses
101 - 200
  • Requires a Ring of Promise.
  • Increase all stats by 9%
  • Once Affection reaches 200, increase all stats by 12%
  • Increases all stats by 6%
81 - 99
  • Increases all stat by 3%
61 - 80
  • Increases all stats by 1%
31 - 60
  • No stat bonuses
  • All shipgirls start at 50 Affection
Less than 30
  • No stat bonuses

How To Oath[]

1) First to prepare for marriage, go to the dockyard and check the affection stats of the ship you want to Oath She will have a heart icon next to her name on both the stats page and on her card in the dock.

2) Clicking the heart in the stats page will bring the Oath menu screen.

In this case, Ajax's affection is 90 out of 100, thus unable to be Oathed. It does however tell you how close you are, as she has a pink heart she is rather close to maxing out.

3) Once you've decided on a ship to Oath, own a Ring of Promise, and she has max affection, the heart in the bottom right will light up. Tapping it will bring up a confirmation screen.


The confirmation screen will ask if you want to use the Ring of Promise on the girl and informing you her maximum stats will receive a bonus. Once you tap Confirm, you'll be taken to the marriage ceremony and then presented with a marriage certificate that includes the date of marriage. This marriage certificate can be viewed whenever you check that ship's affection.


4) After Marriage, you have the option to rename the married ship. The ship's default name has already been entered, but you can enter the name of your choice and accept or decline the ship's new name.

Players will have to wait 30 days to change the ship's name again. The changed name, as well as the other visual effects of a married ship are visible in PVP and if she's set as your secretary ship.


5) A married ship gets various visual effects, their heart-shaped emotion gauge becomes a sparkling ring, their image frame changes as well, to a silver and pink border with hearts and has an animated reflection effect.

Marriage Skins[]

Certain ships also unlock a special wedding dress CG + Dorm/battle sprite when given a Ring of Promise.

List of Ships with Wedding Skins
Ship Wedding Skin
Akagi Deep Crimson Poppy
Akashi White Cat's Repayment
Atago Lily-White Vow
Aurora Garb of Eternal Prosperity
Ayanami Demon's Finest Dress
Belfast The Pledge of Claddagh
Cleveland Heartfelt Moment
Enterprise Starlight Oath
Friedrich der Grosse Zeremonie of the Cradle
Hood Rosey Love Poem
Illustrious Morning Star of Love and Hope
Javelin Blissful Purity
Kaga Sacred Blue Lily
Laffey White Rabbit's Oath
Mikasa Untarnished Splendor
Minneapolis Trapper White
Nagato Great Fox's White Gown
Prinz Eugen Symphonic Fate
San Diego No. 1 June Bride!
Takao Sakura Hanami
Unicorn A Dream of Pure Vows
Vampire Eli's Blessing
Yamashiro Bridal Attack!
Yukikaze The Warmth of Spring
Yuudachi The Bride of Solomon
Z23 Schwarze Hochzeit