Name: London
No. 119
Class: London
Type: Heavy Cruiser CA Icon
Nation: Royal Navy RN Icon
Rarity: Elite ★★✰✰✰
Build Time: 1:30:00
Drop Location: 2-1, 4-2, 10-4, 12-4
Icon HP
HP 607 2960
Icon Armor
Armor Light
Icon Reload
Reload 61 144
Icon Shelling
Firepower 41 194
Icon Torp
Torpedo 41 194
Icon Mobility
Evasion 9 21
Icon AA
Anti-Air 40 185
Icon Plane
Aviation 0 0
Icon Consumption
Oil 3 12
ASW 0 0
Icon luck
Luck 62 Speed 26
Slot Proficiency Stock Equipment Equipment Type
130%/145% 23000 Twin 203mm (BL 8" Mk VIII) CA Main Guns
120%/160% Unequipped Torpedoes
100%/100% 26100 Quadruple 40mm AA Vickers Pom Pom AA Guns
Skill 1000 Artillery Command: Vanguard
Increase the Firepower of your Vanguard by 5.0% (15%). Does not stack with the same skill.
Skill 12420 Sharpshooter of Londinium (from Retrofit)
When this ship fires its Main Gun: 15.0% (30%) chance to deal double DMG with them. When this ship sinks an enemy: increase its Accuracy by 0.5% (1.5%) (can be stacked up to 8 times).
All Out Assault2a All Out Assault I (II)
Activate All Out Assault I : London Class once every 9 (6) times the main gun is fired.

Heavy Cruiser List
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Elite Exeter - Dorsetshire - London - York
Super Rare
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Rare Myoukou - Nachi
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KizunaAI Common
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Royal Navy Ships
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Super Rare
Light Cruiser Common Leander
Rare Achilles, Ajax, Arethusa, Curacoa, Curlew, Fiji, Galatea, Glasgow, Jamaica, Newcastle
Elite Aurora, Black Prince, Edinburgh, Gloucester, Little Bel, Sheffield, Sheffield µ
Super Rare Belfast, Dido, Neptune, Sirius, Swiftsure
Heavy Cruiser Common
Rare Kent, Norfolk, Shropshire, Suffolk, Sussex
Elite London, Dorsetshire, York, Exeter
Super Rare
Battlecruiser Common
Rare Repulse
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Super Rare Duke of York, King George V, Monarch, Prince of Wales, Warspite
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Light Aircraft Carrier Common Hermes
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