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Limit break is the process to upgrade a ships's ★s. Ships gain increased stats, better weapon efficiency, and new skills with every limit break.


The detailed changes are specific to each ship, but in general limit breaking provides ships with weapon efficiency upgrades, (such as extra torpedo salvos, extra airstrikes, and additional main gun shelling salvos), unlocks new skills, and increased ship stats. It also increases the ★s of the ship. Ships have a max level of 70 if not limit broken, 80 if limit broken once, 90 if limit broken twice, and 100 if fully limit broken (thrice). From there on out one must use cognitive chips to every 5 levels after that (100, 105, etc) to reach the max level of 120

Limit breaking requires either duplicates of the ship you would like to limit break, or Universal Ships. There are three Universal Ships:

When using Universal Ships, the rarity has to match the ship you are trying to limit break: Universal Bulin for ships with rarity Elite (purple) and below, Prototype Bulin MKII for ships with rarity Super Rare (gold).

Every ship can be limit broken three times, once at level 10, once at level 30 and once at level 70. The first two limit breaks require 1 duplicate ship (or one corresponding Universal Ship) while the level 70 limit break requires two duplicate ships and/or corresponding Universal Ship.

A total of 4 extra ships of the same name or 4 Bulins with the corresponding rarity is required to fully limit break a ship.

How To Limit Break[]

  1. To limit break, first click on the "Dock" (blue) button on the lower left of the screen:
  2. Then click on the ship you would like to limit break. It should lead you to this screen:
  3. Click on the second button on the left, boxed in red. It will lead you to the limit break screen:
  4. Click on the plus sign(s) in the area boxed in red to choose ships you would like to consume for this ship's limit break. Remember: you can use duplicates of this ship or a rarity-matched Bulins as limit break materials.
    • The video on the left can be played to preview some aspects of the ship's post-limit break combat effects.
    • The numbers on the bottom in the boxed area shows how far this ship is to the required level for the next limit break.
  5. Once everything is set, click the "Confirm" button to proceed.

The ship is now upgraded.