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The Iron Blood is a Nation whose ships are based on the Kriegsmarine (the German Navy during World War 2).

While the number of ships in the Iron Blood isn't very numerous, they tend to be more durable than other ships. Z46 has the highest HP of any destroyer in the game, while Admiral Hipper and Prinz Eugen have high HP and skills focused on defense. Gun-wise most of the Iron Blood guns deal AP damage and have the potential deal large amounts of damage when fully ranked up. Additionally, several Iron Blood Destroyers have skills that boost AP damage.

The Iron Blood possess a large number of Submarines that deal increased damage when in the same fleet.

Due to their low number of ships they do not have many unique ship classifications, however they are the only other nation to have Battlecruisers (Scharnhorst and Gneisenau) who can equip a unique 283mm gun.

Major Events Minor Events
Iron Blood Ships
Destroyer Common Z20 - Z21
Rare Z18 - Z19 - Z36
Elite Z1 - Z2 - Z23 - Z24 - Z25 - Z26 - Z28 - Z35
Super Rare Z46
Light Cruiser Common Karlsruhe - Köln - Königsberg
Rare Leipzig
Super Rare
Priority Mainz
Heavy Cruiser Common
Elite Admiral Graf Spee - Admiral Hipper - Admiral Hipper µ - Deutschland
Super Rare Prinz Eugen - Prinz Heinrich - Roon µ
Priority Roon
Battlecruiser Common
Elite Gneisenau - Scharnhorst
Super Rare
Priority Odin
Battleship Common
Super Rare Bismarck - Tirpitz
Decisive Friedrich der Grosse
Light Aircraft Carrier Common
Elite Weser
Super Rare
Aircraft Carrier Common
Elite Zeppy
Super Rare Graf Zeppelin - Peter Strasser
Submarine Common
Elite U-110 - U-410 - U-522 - U-557
Super Rare U-101 - U-37 - U-47 - U-81 - U-96