Fairey Barracuda (831 Squadron)
29300.png Type Dive Bomber
Rarity Super Rare ★★★★★
Nation Royal Navy RN Icon.png
Stat Value
Damage 171 x 1 429 x 1
Rate of Fire 12.70s 10.38s
Aviation Aviation 45
Evasion Limit 6
Armaments 2 x 7.7mm Cannon
1x 1600lb AP Bomb
Skill: Armor-Piercing Bombs When this aircraft hits an enemy: 24.0% chance to inflict Armor Break on the target. Armor Break debuff does not stack.
Usable By
Light Aircraft Carrier Light Aircraft Carrier
Aircraft Carrier Aircraft Carrier
How to Obtain: Purchase from the Core Exchange for 800 Core Data
Description: Aircraft from the 931 Naval Air Squadron equipped with 1,600-pound armor-piercing bombs which were dropped on Tirpitz during Operation Tungsten.

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