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Exercise (PvP) are matches where players create a fleet to fight the fleets of other players. Players can run a maximum of 10 exercises per day.


In Exercise, players can set a formation and use it to fight other player's Defense Fleet. Both the Defense Fleet and the Offense Fleet will be controlled by the AI and cannot be interacted with by the player.

Before being able to take part in an exercise against another player's fleet, a Defense Fleet must be setup. Simply tap on the Defense Fleet section on the Exercise screen and assign ships in the Main Fleet and Vanguard. Assigning ships to the Defense Fleet will not prevent them from being used elsewhere in-game.

After setting a Defense Fleet, tap one of the four opponents listed to fight them. Pressing "Start" will present a Formation management screen where an Offense Fleet can be setup or changed. Pressing "Battle" will begin the fight between the two fleets.

Exercise Results[]

  • The attacking player will be awarded with Merits ( Merits ) based on their current Military Rank.
  • Losing an exercise as the attacker will only award half the Merits.
  • The attacker's Seasonal Rank will increase from winning an exercise but will NOT decrease from losing.
  • Each player's Seasonal Rank is unaffected by other players defeating or losing to their Defense Fleet.
  • Earning Seasonal Rank will increase Military Rank, up to the rank of Captain. After Captain, Military Rank is determined by a player's position on the Exercise Ladder.

Military Ranks[]

The following table lists all the ranks, Merits awarded for victory, defeat, and promotion, and any additional requirements to rank up:

Military Rank Seasonal Score Requirement Merits for Victory Merits for Defeat Merits for Promotion Additional Requirement
Seaman 0 50 25 N/A
Petty Officer 100 60 30 200
Ensign 200 70 35 600
Lieutenant Junior Grade 300 70 35 600
Lieutenant 400 70 35 600
Lieutenant Commander 550 80 40 1000
Commander 700 80 40 1000
Captain 850 80 40 1000
Rear Admiral Lower Half 1050 90 45 1500 Be in the top 1000 players
Rear Admiral 1250 90 45 1500 Be in the top 600 players
Vice Admiral 1450 90 45 1500 Be in the top 300 players
Admiral 1650 90 45 1500 Be in the top 100 players
Fleet Admiral 1900 90 45 1500 Be in the top 50 players
Admiral of the Navy 2200 100 50 2500 Be in the top 10 players


Winning an exercise as an attacker and ranking up your Military Rank will award Merits ( Merits ). Merits can be exchanged at the Merit Shop for a variety of rewards, including:

The items offered in the Merit Shop are slightly random and some items may not be available. The Shop can be refreshed for 20 Gems or will refresh at 00:00:00 (UTC-7).

See the Merit Shop for more details.

Additionally, there is a daily and weekly mission that award Merits:

Mission Rewards
Claim victory 3 times in exercises. (Daily mission) Merit.png
100x Merits
Claim victory 30 times in exercises. (Weekly mission) Merit.png
300x Merits