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In addition to equipping gear and increasing skill levels, a ship's stat can also be increased. Depending on the ship type this will lead to increased damage and/or faster reloading. The following stats can be enhanced:

  • Firepower Firepower (FP)
  • Torpedo Torpedo (TRP)
  • Aviation Aviation (AVI)
  • Reload Reload (RLD)


Enhancing Sussex

1. To enhance a ship, begin by tapping a ship in the Dock and pressing the "Enhance" button on the left:

Adding enhancement material

2. Next, tap any of the "plus" buttons in the bottom right and chose any number of ships you wish to use as enhancement material. Note: Any ships used as enhancement material will be DESTROYED. Locked ships will not show up when selecting ships to be used as enhancement material. Please remember to keep your ships locked so they cannot be accidentally deleted.

Sussex enhance complete

3. Press the "Enhance" button to finalize the enhancement. The game will ask if the player wants to disassemble or keep the stock equipment the ships used as enhancement material had equipped.

Additional Notes[]

When a ship is used as enhancement material its base type determines how many of each stat it will provide to the ship being enhanced. Additionally, if the ship(s) being used as enhancement material has the same name as the ship being enhanced, it will provide double stats exp.

See the table below for a list of stats provided by each ship class:

Ship Type Stats Provided
Destroyer Destroyer Torpedo, Reload, Firepower
Light Cruiser Light Cruiser Firepower/Reload (even)
Heavy Cruiser Heavy Cruiser Firepower, torpedo/Reload (even)
Battleship Battleship Firepower, Reload
Aircraft Carrier Aircraft Carrier Aviation, Reload