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The Eagle Union is a nation of ships based on the United States Navy.

They are notable for their use of Gunboats, which are Cruisers with a Destroyer Main Guns as their secondary gun instead of torpedoes. They also place an outsized emphasis on offensive air power, with the Enterprise and Ranger being strong examples in the Aircraft Carrier and Light Aircraft Carrier classes. To complement this, they have a variety of powerful anti-air options for every class of ship. Another ability peculiar to the nation is emergency self-heal, as seen in Yorktown and Phoenix. Finally, they are famous for the Fletcher sisters, who comprise one of the strongest low cost oil teams.

Eagle Union Ships
Destroyer Common Cassin, Downes, Craven, McCall, Aulick, Foote, Spence
Rare Aylwin, Bache, Bailey, Benson, Bush, Dewey, Fletcher, Gridley, Halsey Powell, Hammann, Hazelwood, Hobby, Jenkins, Kalk, Kimberly, Radford, Sims, Smalley, Stanly, Thatcher
Elite Maury, Charles Ausburne, Cooper, Laffey, Mullany, Nicholas
Super Rare Eldridge
Light Cruiser Common Omaha, Raleigh, Richmond
Rare Atlanta, Brooklyn, Concord, Juneau, Marblehead, Memphis, Phoenix, San Juan
Elite Biloxi, Birmingham, Clevelad, Cleveland, Cleveland µ, Columbia, Denver, Helena, Honolulu, Lena, Li'L Sandy, St. Louis, Wichita
Super Rare Montpelier, Reno, San Diego
Heavy Cruiser Common Pensacola, Salt Lake City
Rare Astoria, Chicago, Northampton, Portland
Elite Houston, Indianapolis, Quincy, Vincennes
Super Rare Baltimore, Bremerton, Minneapolis
Battleship Common Nevada, Oklahoma
Rare Pennsylvania, Tennessee, California
Elite Arizona, West Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Maryland
Super Rare Alabama, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Washington
Light Aircraft Carrier Common Bogue, Langley, Ranger
Rare Casablanca, Long Island
Elite Bataan
Super Rare
Aircraft Carrier Common
Rare Wasp
Elite Lexington, Saratoga, Yorktown, Hornet
Super Rare Bunker Hill, Enterprise, Essex, Intrepid
Repair Ship Elite Vestal
Submarine Common
Elite Bluegill, Dace
Super Rare Albacore, Cavalla
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