The Dormitory Edit

The Dormitory can house up to 5 ship girls per floor (each additional floor costs 500 Ruby) to gain passive EXP, Morale, and occasionally Affection. Affection in the Dormitory is gained by tapping on a heart above a ship girl's head when they appear. The Dormitory is also used by players to house ship girls when they are repeatedly grinding event stages or farming specific drops.

EXP and Morale Edit

EXP and Morale gain is determined by the Happiness value granted by the furniture you own. Furniture can be purchased with Decor Tokens ( Furniture coin ), and Decor Tokens are rewarded from Commissions and from the "?" spots on maps.

The first floor of the Dorm can be expanded with Decor Tokens, which increases the maximum food supply value, but that doesn't mean its capped as you can spend gems after the 5th expansion to add to the maximum supply value. The timer changes based on the number of ship girls you have in the dorm, and how large your supply value is. For example: 3 ships, max room expansions with no gem supply increases yields a 12 hour timer.

Dorm Food Edit

There are 6 types of food that can be used to supply the Dorm and can be purchased with Oil or Gems. Occasionally Dorm Food can be purchased from the Medal of Honor ( Medal of Honor ) Exchange in the Build menu or awarded from Missions.

Icon Food Name EXP Boost EXP Duration Food Added Cost
Food1 Oxy-Cola No boost N/A +1000 food 10 Oil
Food2 Secret Coolant/Seasonal Dish No boost N/A +2000 food 20 Oil
Food3 Torpedo Tempura No boost N/A +3000 food 30 Oil
Food4 Naval Curry 5% EXP boost 1 hour +5000 food 50 Oil
Food5 Royal Gourmet 10% EXP boost 3 hours +10,000 food 10 Ruby
Food6 Full Course 20% EXP boost 6 hours +20,000 food 20 Ruby
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