Name: Dido
No. 107
Class: Dido
Type: Light Cruiser CL Icon
Nation: Royal Navy RN Icon
Rarity: Super Rare ★★★✰✰✰
Build Time: 00:55:00
Drop Location: Construction: Light during Fight On, Royal Maids! event
Icon HP
HP 647 3343
Icon Armor
Armor Light
Icon Reload
Reload 71 168
Icon Shelling
Firepower 29 137
Icon Torp
Torpedo 33 155
Icon Mobility
Evasion 28 73
Icon AA
Anti-Air 74 347
Icon Plane
Aviation 0 0
Icon Consumption
Oil 3 12
ASW 41 151
Icon luck
Luck 85 Speed 32
Slot Proficiency Stock Equipment Equipment Type
120%/140% 21500 Twin 134mm (QF Mark II) CL Main Guns
120%/130% 5000 533mm Tripled Torpedo Mount Torpedoes
135%/135% Unequipped AA Guns
Skill 12930 Dido's Aria
Increase the Firepower, Torpedo, and Anti-Air of all your Dido-class Light Cruisers by 5.0% (15%). At the start of the battle: increase this ship's Anti-Air and Evasion by 5.0% (15%) for 30 seconds.
Skill 12940 For the Queen
Increase this ship's Firepower, Anti-Air, and Reload by 1.5% (6%) for every other Royal Navy ship in your fleet at the start of battle (can be stacked up to 4 times). When sortied with Queen Elizabeth: increases Queen Elizabeth's Firepower, Reload, Evasion, and Accuracy by 2.5% (7%) and Main Gun Crit Rate by 5.0% (20%).
All Out Assault2a All Out Assault I (II)
Activate All Out Assault I (II) : Dido Class once every 15 (10) times the main gun is fired.
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