Name: Dewey
No. 004
Class: Farragut
Type: Destroyer DD Icon
Nation: Eagle Union EU Icon
Rarity: Rare ★★✰✰✰
Build Time: Drop Only
Drop Location: 13-3
Icon HP
HP 265 1372
Icon Armor
Armor Light
Icon Reload
Reload 69 164
Icon Shelling
Firepower 14 65
Icon Torp
Torpedo 52 244
Icon Mobility
Evasion 60 156
Icon AA
Anti-Air 34 161
Icon Plane
Aviation 0 0
Icon Consumption
Oil 2 8
ASW 45 165
Icon luck
Luck 72 Speed 44
Slot Proficiency Stock Equipment Equipment Type
110%/120% Unequipped DD Main Guns
120%/130% Unequipped Torpedoes
120%/130% Unequipped AA Guns
Skill 12000 Comrades From the Far East
While this ship is afloat: decrease damage allied Light Aircraft Carriers/Aircraft Carriers take by 5.0% (10%). When sortieing with Gridley, increase this ship's Firepower by 5.0% (15%) and increases Gridley's Firepower and Reload by 5.0% (15%).
All Out Assault1 All Out Assault I (II)
Activate All Out Assault I (II) : Farragut Class once every 15 (10) times the main gun is fired.
Unknow None
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