Overview Edit

The Daily Raid enables players to take part in unique challenges that change daily. Players begin each day with three Daily Attempts, these attempts can be only be used that day and cannot be saved. Failing a Daily Challenge will not use up a Daily Attempt.

Daily Raids Edit

Escort Mission The Escort Mission is available on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. Your task is to dodge torpedoes for the time limit without your Vanguard Fleet being destroyed. Having Aircraft Carriers in the Main Fleet to clear the field and using a fast Vanguard Fleet will make dodging the torpedoes easier.

This Daily Raid awards upgrade materials to improve your equipment. Higher difficulties reward Elite Part Plates used to upgrade equipment past +6.

Advance Mission The Advance Mission is available on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Your task is to destroy as many of the explosive boats as possible, keeping your main fleet alive for the duration. This challenge can be difficult due to the sheer number of suicide boats rushing across the screen and the damage they do to your Main Fleet. Taking Battleship and Aircraft Carriers with Heavy Armor, Defensive skills, or high HP are all good options. Ships with torpedoes can help by destroying them before they come onto your screen.

This Daily Raid awards skill books to improve your ships skills at the Academy. Higher difficulties reward higher tier skill books.

Fierce Assault Fierce Assault is available on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Players are pitted against several different bosses and must destroy them all without their fleet being destroyed. AP weapons are recommended as the majority of the bosses are ships with Heavy Armor.

The rewards for this are tech boxes or random equipment. Higher tiers reward T4 tech boxes ( EquipmentT4Box ) which have the chance to contain 5 star equipment.

Tactical Training Tactical Training is available every daily and has its own set of Daily Attempts. Players should create a fleet that specializes in dealing Aviation, Torpedo, or Shelling (Battleship barrage damage), then pick the appropriate stage. For example, create a fleet with one ship in the Main Fleet and three Destroyers in the Vanguard. Then pick the Tactical Training (Torpedo) stage.

This Daily Raid awards Coins and Cognitive Chips when successfully completed.

Supply Line Disruption Supply Line Disruption is available every day but is limited to twice per week. In this Daily Raid players should compose a strong fleet of three Submarines and must manually guide their submarine, avoiding mines and production ships. Finally, players must defeat a boss using only the Submarines in their chosen fleet.

Completing this Daily Raid will award Coins, T3 Random Parts ( UnknownT3Plate ), and equipment design parts related to Submarines.

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