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Starts: 28 May 2020
Ends: 17 June 2020



Complete 7 days worth of daily mission to unlock Cavalla's outfit Colorful Ceremony.

Daily Missions[]

Day Mission Reward
1 Sortie and defeat 3 Boss Fleets. UnknownT2Plate.png
5x T2 Mystery Gear Part
Log in to the game. Coin.png
100x Coins
2 Complete 3 Daily Challenges. UnknownT2BP.png
2x T2 Mystery Retrofit Blueprint
Retire 2 ships. Coin.png
100x Coins
3 Conduct tactical training 2 times. EquipmentT2Box.png
3x Mystery T2 Tech Pack
Resupply the Dorm with Snacks 5 times. Coin.png
100x Coins
4 Defeat 20 enemies. Food4.png
3x Naval Curry
Build 2 ships. Coin.png
100x Coins
5 Open a Tech Box EquipmentT3Box.png
1x Mystery T3 Tech Pack
Enhance ships 5 times. Coin.png
100x Coins
6 Complete 2 Commissions. UnknownT3Book.png
2x T3 Mystery Skill Book
Conduct 2 Exercises. Coin.png
100x Coins
7 Enhance gear 2 times. EquipmentT4Box.png
1x Mystery T4 Tech Pack
Sortie and obtain 10 Perfect victories. CavallaPartyIcon.png
1x Colorful Ceremony Outfit