In order of priority:


Backyard covering the affection system. Bonuses based on affection amount.

Chapter pages with an image of each chapter. Image of 7 might have to wait but nobody will really be getting there anytime soon

Exercise page (Will do by wednesday)

Strengthening , Uncapping and Equipment upgrading added to the ship info page, under stats but above formation.


Event Info: Put it down for historic purposes, It'll probably have ended by the time we get around to it. Set it up for future events.

Get updates and changes to the game listed down by date. It's simple and just a translation job but can be a pain. No need to worry about everything from the start. I'll have guesswork via google translate to start off

-Collection lists/rewards, Diamond shop item/gift info, Formation rules: 3 backline 3 frontline and who can go where. Other misc. info

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