Anniversary Kizuna AI

Name: Anniversary Kizuna AI
No. 43 (Collab)
Class: KizunaAI
Type: Aircraft Carrier CV Icon
Nation: KizunaAI KizunaAI-logo
Rarity: Super Rare ★★★✰✰✰
Build Time: 04:30:00
Drop Location: Kizuna AI Collaboration Event
Icon HP
HP 1068 Max: 5522
Icon Armor
Armor Medium
Icon Reload
Reload 44 Max: 104
Icon Shelling
Firepower 0 Max: 0
Icon Torp
Torpedo 0 Max: 0
Icon Mobility
Evasion 13 Max: 34
Icon AA
Anti-Air 61 Max: 285
Icon Plane
Aviation 78 Max: 368
Icon Consumption
Oil 4 Max: 13
ASW 0 Max: 0
Icon luck
Luck 66 Speed 32
Slot Proficiency Stock Equipment Equipment Type
105%/110% Unequipped Fighter
120%/135% Unequipped Dive Bomber
125%/135% Unequipped Torpedo Bomber
Skill 104050 Future Base
30 seconds, 45 seconds, and 60 seconds after the start of the battle: launch a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special airstrike. Airstrike's damage is based on the skill's level.
Skill 104060 Melty World
When this hip launches an Airstrike while sortied with Kizuna AI: 15.0% (25%) chance for the Airstrike to deal double DMG.
Unknown None
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